The Truth About Early Retirement (as a deca millionaire)

Instead of retiring early, this is what I'm doing.

Ryan Pineda

December 29, 2021

If you watch a lot of guru ads, you'll see people talking about retiring early. It's something that has been going on for decades. The reason is people are drawn to the concept of retiring early, going on vacation and doing nothing. On paper, it sounds like a cool idea, I'm gonna tell you why it's not and what you should be pursuing instead. 

Let's break down what would happen if you retire early. Unless you hit the lottery or you became a crypto millionaire, you're gonna have to work really hard for a period of time. Most likely you're gonna have to be frugal and do a good job saving. Once you save up enough, you can then go throw that money into investments like the stock market or real estate, and then live off the cash flow from those investments. This is called being financially free. Now you can do whatever you want. You can go chill, you can go on vacation. You can go play golf every day. It sounds really fun. But there are two things that are gonna happen with this plan.

For one, you're gonna realize you probably don't have enough money due to inflation and due to you wanting to get other things and increase your lifestyle. I've made more money and as time has gone on, I've constantly wanted to improve my lifestyle and spend more. It would be really rare if you weren't that type of person, especially if you retired young. Other expenses start to add up later on in life, like having more kids, medical bills as your health starts to get a little worse, or inflation which is why most people end up going back to work later on in life because they realize they don't have enough money. It's really sad to see, especially when people are older and they've been retired for a while. The reality is with the way the world's going, things are only gonna continue to get more expensive as the government keeps printing money.

Even if you don't run out of money, there's gonna be a second thing that gets you. If you were to retire pretty early, let's just say under 40 years old, and you got a pretty big stack of cash, you're inevitably going to get bored. Think about it. What exactly are you gonna do? You can only vacation so much. Even if you have all the money in the world, you're gonna get bored going on vacation every day. 

My life would seem kind of pointless without a lot of purpose. 

The other part of that is the type of people who are able to retire early financially are pretty driven people. They're not all of a sudden just able to turn their drive and motivation off. 

Take me for example, I am 32 years old right now, and I could retire if I wanted to. I've made enough money, I could sell my businesses, stop making YouTube videos and just go live off my investments. But if I do that, what am I gonna do all day? I love starting new businesses and assembling teams and creating products. I love being able to come up with new video ideas and film them on YouTube and hopefully provide value to the world. I love coming to the office on the weekdays and hanging out with my employees and just solving problems that happen day to day in the business. All this stuff I do is fun for me, but don't get me wrong. I do love to vacation. I do love golf. I do like to enjoy myself, but I just don't want to do it every day. 

I don't think we were created on this earth to chill and do nothing. I believe that we were meant to work. I think God gave us skills and it's our obligation with our limited time on earth to use those skills. So if it's not to retire early, then what is the goal? Well, for me, it's two things. 

One is to be financially free and have the choice to do what you want to do to not have the stress, to worry about whether or not you're gonna make your rent payment. I know that as I achieve more financial success, it frees me up to go do some other cool things with my time and be able to choose what I want to do every day. Whether it's making content, starting a new business, getting on a sales call is what really brings me fulfillment because I'm doing what I love.

I believe the second thing that you should be pursuing is having a fully abundant life in all aspects. In the Wealthy Way, we divide goals up into six different categories with the acronym. Wealth stands for worship, education, affluence, lifestyle, team, and health. If you're trying to grow in all aspects of your life on a daily basis, I can promise you, you are going to feel so much more purpose and be way more fulfilled. That's exactly why I created everything in that course and community because I wanna redefine what true wealth really is and what an abundant life looks like. So if you wanna get access to the course, the discord group and the planner go to and sign up today, it's completely free.

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